No two clients are identical. Different needs must be met with optimized solutions. What all our clients have in common, however, is the constant requirement to take strategic decisions in the face of uncertainty and risk. For this reason we have made unrivalled accessibility a key priority; relax - Rementum knows!

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One important clarification already at the onset; Rementum is mainly focused on commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) over 6 metric tonnes. Some of our products cover also the lighter segment (3.5t-6t), but other research providers may be better suited for an in-depth analysis of this particular vehicle category.

Periodical Reports

No two clients are identical. Different needs must be met with optimized solutions. To accomplish this at a reasonable cost for as many clients as possible we have over the years developed a modularized system of standardized periodical research reports. Some clients require fast, frequent updates; others focus on specific long-term aspects of the market.

Our reports are published with four different periodicities: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.


High Frequency Data

Our most timely datasets and analyses; collected daily from a broad array of sources relevant for heavy commercial road transport.


Highway Intelligence Europe

The workhorse in our product family already from the beginning; this report contains a comprehensive review of current European road transport market conditions, with specific emphasis on developments in road freight and trucks capacity.

Road Transport Market Webcast Europe

A more condensed presentation of our most recent findings; what is not put in elaborate writing is here instead communicated through powerful charts and models. Both for the initiated analyst and the executive in need of a market status “snapshot”.


European Truck Production Data & Forecast

A product geared to the needs of our clients within the category of suppliers (tier-1 or tier-2). This report presents our assessment of how many trucks of certain weight classes and application categories that have been- and will be produced in EMEA by the most important OEs, for both the domestic European market and Export markets.

European Trailer Sales Production Data & Forecast

As timely and detailed data and forecasts on trailer sales by brand and application category can be difficult to find in the very fragmented European market, we have demand for this quarterly report and data set from a broad spectrum of clients.

Road Transport Earnings Report

Our long-term clients have all heard the mantra from our analysts; earnings dynamics are key to understanding the cyclicality of an investment goods industry like commercial vehicles. Using a growing body of earnings data from road carriers, OEMs and suppliers we provide a detailed analysis of key trends in the road transport industry.


European Commercial Vehicles Aftermarket Report

Given the competitive nature of the OE market for commercial vehicles, an increasing number of our clients turn their focus on how they can grow the aftermarket business. Our support consists of providing reliable data on important European heavy commercial vehicle parc characteristics, as well as a qualified analysis of where the markets for parts and services are heading.

Strategic Outlook: The Long Haul

Few industries currently provide as many exciting thematic macro developments as logistics and commercial vehicles. Sustainability, demographics and economic growth all intersect here through such focus areas as driveline technology, connectivity, and autonomous systems. With our “360” perspective on the heavy commercial road transport market pretty much 24/7, Rementum each year in its strategic outlook report provides unique insights to where the market is coming from and, most importantly, where it is heading.

Raw Data

Included with many of the periodical research reports are extensive data sets in Excel for the benefit of our clients’ own analysis. In addition, we provide extended sets of more detailed data off-the-shelf for those clients with a specific market focus.


Data on the end markets is always relevant, also for those companies active further up the value chain. There are very few limits to how we can help you analyze sales developments in a specific market.


As mentioned before; the focus on specific production issues lies mainly with component suppliers of different types. That said, we have also seen several examples of road transporters tracking the medium-term availability of truck production capacity in the market, simply to make better investment decisions.


The market for spare parts and services is one of the most exciting aspects of the commercial vehicles industry, and in many ways what sets it apart from the passenger car industry. Data on this business area can be provided in numerous ways. Using our monthly time series data set from the Highway Intelligence report is a great start.

Customized Research

It is worth repeating that no two clients are identical. Some clients have specific requirements that fall outside of our standardized periodical reports above. Some need frequent updates, others focus on specific aspects of the market, etc. There have been pently of occasions where we have been asked to develop very customized data sets, forecast models or market analyses.

Tailored Datasets & Surveys

Whether geared towards an analysis of a specific region of Europe, or a certain type of road transport service; we help our clients design- and carry out the search for unique and valuable data.

Forecast Model Development

A vast majority of our clients use some type of KPIs or internally developed demand forecast models to assess their businesses. We help with the design and evaluation of such models and datasets for our clients, building on over twenty years of experience as a company in forecasting the European commercial vehicle market development.

Big Data Analysis

Still an evolving research field, big data analysis provides interesting opportunities to use the organization’s captive data to analyze and forecast the business. As BDA per se is not an expertise of Rementum, we aim to insource capacity and work with the best in this field - always with a strict focus on commercial usefulness for our core client categories.